The meanings of words…

Wow! Did I have to be reminded of how askew a simple post can go on FB? This morning, upon my 8th day of meditation, I realized that many people in my life don’t realize how much I love them – the depth of my feelings. And, I was quite shocked myself at how deeply I love, in general.

The FB post received several immediate responses of “Tell them before it’s too late” and such. Not exactly what I was hoping the sharing would stimulate in the minds of my “friends”, but what the heck, folks care enough to write back.

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Hello world!

Wanting to blog for a while. Rather put my thoughts on Facebook or Twitter, I prefer the¬†anonymity¬†of a blog. Since I’m watching TV at the same time I’m composing, the show “Undercover Boss” will be my first topic.

If you’re unaware, “Undercover Boss” is a show in which the CEO of a company poses as a regular employee in the trenches, then sees whether everyone is cutting the mustard. The guy tonight has just gotten fired from his own company. Love this kind of show, in fact, reality TV is one of my favorite genres anyway. It’s more fun to me to watch real people in real situations, rather than scripted shows.

Even though so many people claim that reality TV is fake (and I get it that it is edited to create an interesting(?) product), I still learn so much about human nature just by observing the facial expressions and body language of folks.

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